about us

When Night falls, a different world reveals itself. The denizens of the dark emerge from the shadows and recesses of the streets, alleys and buildings of history, to entice and draw us in. Without us realising, we have already been consumed in the irresistible allure of the Night.
A Night of Imagination, where light takes on different forms and textures. Our minds are forced to shift as new depths and dimensions are revealed with each encounter. What was familiar takes on an alien character, as even the human form is challenged. 
A Night of Dreams, where we are embraced by a sea of wonder, and drawn into a world we know but never really understood.
A Night of Danger, when we stand enraptured and consumed by the energy of the elements, where lightning and fire cascade around us.
A Night of Passions, where we set our hearts free, abandon our limitations and sound the clarion call to Bring On The Night!